Modern Building Alliance sponsors Interflam 2019

Modern Building Alliance sponsors Interflam 2019

The Modern Building Alliance is proud to sponsor Interflam 2019, the 15th International Conference and Exhibition on Fire Science and Engineering that will take place in London on July 1-3. This three-day conference, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, brings together engineers, scientists, practitioners and regulators from around the globe. There will be multiple sessions supported by posters, exhibitions, demonstrations, networking sessions and workshops. Aimed at harnessing fire science to provide a safer built environment, Interflam 2019 will look at issues like fire prevention and safety, facades or human behaviour in fire.

We firmly believe that fire safety science is essential for industry and for society:

  • it allows adequate product development and innovation,
  • it guarantees safe performance and benefits (quality of life, environment…),
  • it improves safety levels in buildings with the most effective solutions, and
  • it informs policies (performance requirements) and prevention measures.

Quentin de Hults, Executive Chair of the Modern Building Alliance says “as representatives of the plastics industry, we are committed to playing our part in making buildings safer and more sustainable. We are proud to sponsor an event such as Interflam which help bridging the gap between science, regulations and construction industry”.

The Modern Building Alliance hopes to meet you at their booth in London!