B.I.O. framework for Fire Safe Buildings

Building - Installation - Organisational Requirements (B.I.O.)

The Modern Building Alliance presents an original framework which proposes a comprehensive and structured list of elements for consideration by Member States in their regulatory approach to ensure fire safe buildings. This framework fits with the EU subsidiarity principle and aids in structuring the exchange of information and best practices between Member States within the European Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) established by the EU Commission in October 2017.

Closely linked to the 7 layers of fire safety in buildings, this holistic approach enables consideration of, not only the building design and construction but also technical installations and fire safety management throughout the lifetime of the building, including clarification of the roles and responsibilities in the value chain.

The ultimate goal of such a framework is to provide a clear basis to Member state regulators and the construction sector, allowing identification of gaps and best practices for fire safety.


If the 7 layers of fire safety in buildings are covered by the Building, Installation and Organisational Requirements, it ensures to all EU citizens fire safe buildings.


The B.I.O. framework has been presented for the very first time as a draft during a meeting of the European Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) in June 2018, and since then discussed and enriched by many stakeholders including the network of the European Fire Safety Alliance. A full paper  has been presented during the symposium Fire Safety Façade in Paris on the 26th September 2019.

Finally, the concept shaped the agenda of the "Building Day" on 19th November 2019 - a full day event related to fire safety in buildings during the first European Fire Safety Week. Modern Building Alliance and other partners of that event are calling national regulators to exchange best practices on all the aspects of the framework within the FIEP.



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