Modern Building Alliance has presented its paper at Fire Safety Facade Conference

30 September 2019

During the 3rd International Symposium – Fire Safety Façade 2019 organised by the CSTB in France, Quentin de Hults, the Executive Chair of the Modern Building Alliance, has presented its paper titled: “A European Framework to ensure fire safety in taller buildings”.

This framework aims to structure and facilitate exchange of information between Member States about their national regulations for fire safety of building. It will help identify gaps and best practices. The paper is structured around the original three-tiered framework (Building, Installation, Organisation - B.I.O. framework) of national requirements backed by EU standards. It ensures fire safety to be considered from the design, construction, maintenance and renovation of buildings.

The paper mentions the role and responsibility of the value chain and also stresses the crucial role of Member States in the enforcement of existing regulations.

The conference was the occasion to gather feedback of participating academics, engineers and experts.

The B.I.O. framework will also serve as structure of the European Fire Safety Week’s building day on the 19th November.

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