Advancing Sustainable Futures: The Modern Building Alliance Leaves Its Mark at UIA World Congress 2023

7 July 2023


The European plastic industry, under the leadership of the Danish plastics federation, had the opportunity to showcase the potential of plastics in creating environmentally conscious societies at the 2023 UIA World Congress of Architects. This event gathered over 6,000 participants from 135 countries, all driven by the unified goal of 'Leaving No One Behind.Yesterday, the Modern Building Alliance’s fire expert, Franklyn Okwara, contributed to the conference by presenting the Modern Building Alliance proposed regulatory framework for fire safe buildings.

The Modern Building Alliance’s proposed regulatory framework is a comprehensive framework for regulating fire safety in buildings, emphasizing roles and responsibilities throughout the value chain, backed by EU standards for products.

Such holistic approach to fire safety considers building design, construction, technical installations, and fire safety management throughout a structure's life. To encourage the adoption of holistic fire safety strategy, there is need to create a network of fire regulators to steer concerted action towards the transition from prescriptive to performance-based codes, allowing the application of fire safety engineering techniques. Architects together with fire safety engineers should undertake all necessary actions to define from building design stage, the fire safety strategy.

Plastic's reusability, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness make it ideal for sustainable construction. The potential of plastic in creating environmentally conscious societies was the red thread of the Plastics Pavilion.


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