The International Fire Safety Standards coalition launched its common principles

9 October 2020

The International Fire Safety Standard Coalition (IFSS)—a global coalition of over 80 fire safety leadership organisations—has been working on a set of common principles for the fire safety of buildings that can be applied around the world. After two years of work and a broad consultation, the IFSS has launched an internationally consistent approach for the safety and management of buildings with the aim of saving more lives by reducing risk and preventing devastating fires.

We welcome the launch of these International Fire Safety Standard - Common Principles (IFSS-CP) as it confirms the importance of performance-based approaches to be applied at all stage of a building’s lifecycle (design, construction and maintenance). Moreover, it emphasises the importance of the principles of prevention, detection and communication, occupant protection, containment and extinguishment. It echoes our proposed regulatory framework (B.I.O. framework) and reinforces the importance of enforcing legislation around fire safety competencies to ensure the fire safety, compliance and quality of buildings.