IFSS global consultation on Fire Safety launched

23 January 2020

Today, the International Fire Safety Standards coalition (IFSS) has launched a public consultation on a set of principles and best practices for fire safety that exist all around the world. This project aims to bring transparency and consistency across the dozens of differing standards being used around the world. The global consultation is open until the 23rd March.

The Modern Building Alliance, as member of the IFSS, fully supports this initiative. It correlates very well with the 7 layers of fire safety and B.I.O framework we suggested as basis for EU Member States.


“Getting consistency, sharing knowledge and best practices across the world on fire safety resonate with what the European Commission is doing with the Fire Information Exchange Platform. It proofs that the need is real to increase fire safety of buildings. We are proud to support the IFSS who developed draft common principles on fire safety that can be used as a reference around the world. It is essential to ensure that fire safety is correctly considered over the whole life time of any buildings. A focus is therefore also needed on enforcement of regulations and competency of the value chain”

 Quentin de Hults, Executive Chair of the Modern Building Alliance

Additional information:

IFSS has been created by a Standard Setting Committee with 25 independent industry fire safety experts. It pulls together the pockets of fire safety best practice that exist across the globe, considering issues such fire prevention, detection and communication, occupant’s protection, containment and extinguishment at each stage of the property life cycle. The coalition organisations spearheading the standards have already received support from the United Nations.

 IFSS Press Release: https://ifss-coalition.org/news/

Access the consultation: https://consultations.intstandards.org/consult.ti/IFSS/consultationHome