EU method to assess the fire performance of façades: call for tender launched

18 September 2019

A study published by the European Commission in September 2018 presented two options for a European approach to assessing the fire performance of building façades.

The call for tender for the next step is now released. This call gives the mandate to finalise the “alternative method” so that it can be directly used for harmonised products standards (CEN) and European Assessment Documents (EOTA) for construction products and kits. It also includes round robin test. The development of the new method is expected to be finalised by the end of 2021.

The fire performance of façades is an important element for fire safety of taller buildings. It must be tested as a system and not only as individual component. It is one element of our B.I.O framework for fire safe buildings.

Currently, some Member States have a national standard for fire performance of façades while others refer to standards from other countries. However, some countries are not using any façade testing standard at all. An EU method is essential in this matter as it will help provide a clear assessment and communication about façade system performance and would allow regulators to set application specific façade system performance requirements.

Modern Building Alliance welcomes this development and will follow the project.