Oscar Nieto - Construction Product Europe

Oscar Nieto

Technical Director

Construction Products Europe

Mr Nieto holds a 5-year engineering degree from the Valladolid University in Spain specialized in structures and materials. He joined Construction Products Europe in August 2012 and he is now Technical Director. Mr Nieto has experience of being an expert, a member of secretariats and president of certification and standardisation committees. He has also worked in the development of sustainability and concrete standards by providing his technical knowledge in manufacturing processes and testing. Oscar’s responsibilities include following the implementation of the CPR on behalf of the industry and to guarantee a scientific and consistent technical approach. His recognised expertise regarding LCA, EPD and sustainability assessments also allows him to evaluate the risks and opportunities that arise from European initiatives in relation to these issues. Recently he was involved in the development of tools to facilitate digitalisation of construction products information to be used in BIM.

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