High-rise building on fire in Milan

1 September 2021


Following the fire of the high-rise building located in via Antonini in Milan that occurred on the 29th August 2021, the Modern Building Alliance wishes to express its sympathies to everyone affected by this unfortunate incident.

We would also like to give credit to the Milanese fire services for their rapid, professional, and effective intervention that ensured a safe evacuation of all occupants.


The ongoing investigation on the incident will clarify the circumstances and elements which contributed to the fire. Nevertheless, we noticed on social media and in some press, mentions related to the alleged involvement of polystyrene insulation.

We understand that the façade was clad predominantly in a mineral fibre (Euroclass A2) insulated ETICS system, with two large uninsulated Aluminium Composite Material decorative “sails”, offset from the ETICS system.


The Modern Building Alliance awaits the outcome of the investigation that will clarify the circumstances of this incident and will closely follow and support the conclusions and learnings helping to improve fire safety of façades of high-rise buildings.