Time to create a Renovation Fund for All Europeans

6 May 2020

Initiated by the Renovate Europe Campaign, a wide range of stakeholders including the Modern Building Alliance, co-signed a letter asking for the creation of a “Renovation fund for all Europeans’.

This letter, sent to President Ursula von der Leyen and Commissioners Timmermans, Simson, Breton and Hahn mentions:

“…the Renovate Europe Campaign, call for the EU Recovery Plan to include a Renovation Fund for All Europeans to ensure that energy renovation of the EU building stock plays a central role in getting the EU back on its feet.

The EU construction industry alone is worth around 9% of EU GDP and employs more than 16 million Europeans. A focus on the deep energy renovation of buildings across the EU will kickstart our economies from the ground up. It will provide large-scale local employment while reinvigorating demand in those industries that supply the construction industry.”

Read the letter