Review of the EPBD: TRAN's opinion rejected

27 October 2022


The Modern Building Alliance members deeply regret the rejection of the TRAN Committee's opinion on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) revision. The Committee's adopted amendment calling for the European Commission to publish fire safety guidelines for car parks by 2025 was crucial for safely deploying electric vehicle charging points. Although the overall opinion was rejected, the specific amendment received strong support in TRAN.

Fire safety guidelines are key to safely roll out e-mobility

Installing charging infrastructure in buildings is vital for the widespread adoption of e-mobility, as most charging takes place at home or in the office. The Modern Building Alliance believes that ensuring fire safety measures accompany the deployment of in-building charging solutions is essential. Harmonised guidelines are needed at the EU level to address elements such as electrical safety, fire detection and suppression, ventilation, compartmentation, structural protection, and fire service intervention. These guidelines should be technology-neutral and based on performance standards and fire safety engineering.

European Parliament should reintroduce the amendment on fire safety guidelines for car parks

We urge the European Parliament to reintroduce the TRAN amendment, which proposes publishing fire safety guidelines for underground and surface car parks, facilitating the safe and coordinated deployment of electric vehicle charging points and ensuring the safety of European citizens. The EU Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP), coordinated by DG GROW, can be suitable for exchanging valuable information and developing these guidelines.