The Modern Building Alliance supports the European Fire Safety Action Plan

3 September 2020

Today, the Modern Building Alliance joins the long list of supporters of the 'European Fire Safety Action Plan' drafted by the European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA).

The action plan builds upon the very first European Fire Safety Week that took place in November 2019. Ten concrete actions have been identified by experts from the fire services, with a strong focus on the social dimension of fire safety and targeted prevention efforts.

When writing these lines, 65 individuals, associations and companies representing a large range of interests have already joined EuroFSA’s call for more fire safety across the EU.

Quentin de Hults, Executive Chair of Modern Building Alliance, commented: ‘This action plan is holistic. We welcome the ambition of EU Fire Services to reduce fires and the resulting casualties via increased prevention activities and prioritization of the most vulnerable groups. The EU can and must play a role in supporting these efforts; we are proud to support EuroFSA in advocating for this priority’.

As the Modern Building Alliance, we see our main role and responsibility in the specific action #5 directly related to construction. It aims to develop knowledge and competency to ensure fire safety adequately accompanies the energy transition.

It’s your turn! Support EuroFSA with their Action Plan!