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EU Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP)

The Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) was established to facilitate the exchange of fire safety information and best practice among Member States. The Modern Building Alliance and its members fully support this initiative and will contribute to the discussions with relevant stakeholders.


A new fire safety initiative

In September 2017, following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in London, the European Commission announced a new initiative to enhance fire safety cooperation across EU Member States.

Under the leadership of the Commission’s DG GROW, the Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) gathers Member State authorities and stakeholders from civil society and industry. They first met on 16 October 2017.

The FIEP aims to facilitate the exchange of information between the competent Member State authorities and other stakeholders, allowing them to benefit from lessons learned and best practice regarding fire safety. It is expected to enhance the capabilities of Member State authorities to fulfil their tasks in full knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the regulatory choices they have to make.

The following areas have been identified by FIEP members for further cooperation:

  • Common terminology and fire statistics
  • The application of fire prevention principles
  • The regulatory approach for new products, including high-rise buildings
  • Exchange of experience from fire accidents
  • Fire engineering approach in building regulations


The Modern Building Alliance fully supports the work of FIEP and will contribute to the upcoming discussions.

A lack of accessible, comparable statistical data is one of the critical issues which has hampered efforts to protect European citizens. While many Member States have introduced initiatives to improve fire safety in Europe, the results of these are often not shared effectively. This means successful projects may not be replicated in other countries and makes it difficult to learn from initiatives that are not as successful as desired.


The following FIEP documentation can be found in our resource section and using the links below:

FIEP agenda 16 October 2017
Presentation by DG GROW on the work of the FIEP